Living in Houston, we are lucky enough to have pretty fair swimming weather all year round.  However, we know that some of our customers do like to close their pool up for the cool winter months, which means that there will be a bit of maintenance required to open a pool back up for summer. 

Continue reading to learn how to open your pool for summer, and if you live in Houston or one of the surrounding areas and need assistance with pool maintenance or repair, contact Hipp Pools, Inc. 

Remove the Pool Cover

If you chose to close up your pool over the winter, you’ll want to remove the pool cover, clean it, and properly store it so it’s ready when you need it again. 

Check for Leaks

Since it’s probably been a few months since you used your pool, you’ll want to check for leaks. Although the temperature does not fluctuate too much in Houston, it’s still a good idea to look over your pool for any noticeable leaks or cracks.

Test Pool Equipment  

If you haven’t used your pool for a few months, it’s a good idea to test all the equipment. Check your pumps and filters to ensure that they are all functioning properly. If you removed any equipment for the winter months, ensure that you replace it.

Add Water to Your Pool

Once you’ve determined that your pool is leak-free and all of your equipment is in working order, fill up your pool with the hose. 

Clean Your Pool

If you closed down your pool for the winter and covered it, your pool should be pretty clean, but debris can still make its way in. You can use a pool skimmer, vacuum, and a leaf rake to clean any debris from the pool. 

Test and Balance the Water Chemistry

Since your pool has been sitting empty and unused for a few months, it’s important to test the water chemistry and balance it. After you’ve balanced your pool you can shock it. You should allow the water to sit for a full 24 hours and then test it again before using your pool. 

Contact Hipp Pools to Open Your Pool for Summer

If you are getting ready to open your pool for the summer, contact Hipp Pools, Inc. We can take care of all the opening pool maintenance for you. We also offer weekly pool maintenance and pool repair services. Contact Hipp Pools, Inc. today to get your pool ready for the summer.