In our previous blog, we mentioned some of the most common water features you get when you get your custom pool designed by Hipp Pools. Every pool has lights, and we can make them even more amazing by offering LEDs. We also discussed two types of overhead flowing water, scuppers and sheer descents. Of course, bubblers are a fun and easy way to add life to a pool.

We bet that few of those swimming pool water features really surprised you, though. Sure, they’re great features, but they’re far from mind-blowing. But if you want mind-blowing, that’s what we’re talking about today! Here are some of the most amazing pool water features you can get with your pool design in Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, or the surrounding area.


Waterfalls aren’t just for huge Las Vegas hotel pools! You can have your own waterfall in your backyard as part of your custom pool, creating a focal point for your backyard oasis. You can even add a pool slide as part of your waterfall feature.

Waterfalls add appeal in so many ways. The sound alone can be soothing and refreshing, and the cascading waters can provide massages on the neck and back. The rocky look of our artificial waterfalls give your entire backyard a more exotic feel…and can hide your pool from the neighbor’s backyard gaze too!

Swim-Up Bars

Do you think that swim-up bars are only for fancy resorts in the Carribean? You’d be wrong! If you’ve ever been in a pool with a swim-up bar and thought to yourself, “I could get used to this,” we can make it happen.

Swim-up bars are custom-made to your particular pool, so our pool designers can make it look any way you want. We can offer you tile, stone, or precast finishes and can add just about any type of decoration you want. Of course, we’ll design it so that it looks good from both the pool side and the bar/kitchen side. 

Lazy Rivers

Yes, you read that right: You can have your own lazy river.

Many people don’t believe that anyone would have a lazy river in their backyard as part of their custom pool, but we’d be happy to install one for you if that’s what you really want. Make no mistake, lazy rivers require specialized pool design and extra machinery to keep the water flowing, but wouldn’t you like to spend your free time with your feet dangling over the edge of a tube? Hey, maybe you can grab a drink at the swim-up bar as you float past! If that sounds good (and it does to most people), talk to us about the affordability of a lazy river.

Splash Pads

When you think about public splash parks, they’re really an excellent solution to so many problems a city can have. They allow kids to cool down and have fun in the water, but there’s no need for a lifeguard. They also use less water than a city-wide swimming pool, and they’re usually cost-effective enough to be free.

You can have the same thing in your own backyard, whether as an added feature or as a standalone in your backyard. While you might not have considered a splash pad in your yard, you can have your own so that your kids and their friends can get wet and you don’t have to watch them every second.

Beach Entry

If you’re really trying to make your pool feel like a tropical retreat, consider the beach entry option. Instead of having the traditional steps, you can slowly make your way into the pool or simply sit and splash on the gradual slope. This is the perfect option if you have waterfall features, because it really sells the “private cove” feel of your pool.

Are You Ready To Get the Pool of Your Dreams?

Let’s be honest, pools are nice. But when you add extras that most people only experience when they’re on vacation, pools can be amazing!

What pool water features are you looking for in your Houston-area pool? No matter your requests, we’re sure that Hipp Pools can accommodate. We’ll handle your pool design and incorporate all of the special features you’ve seen at the fanciest hotels and resorts. Contact us today to make a special request or get the process started!