In a recent article, we discussed three very good reasons to get pool repairs taken care of as quickly as possible when you have a leak. After all, a leak means that you’re losing a lot of water, and it can cause massive erosion around and under your pool. Plus, leaks tend to get worse and worse over time, which could lead to pool repairs that are much more expensive.

Looking for the signs of leaks is one of the benefits you’ll get with regular pool maintenance, and finding those leaks early is one way to ensure that small leaks don’t become gushing leaks. In fact, that’s the case when it comes to pool maintenance as a whole: Small fixes now can prevent bigger problems in the future. Let’s take a look at why you’ll want to schedule regular pool maintenance in the Houston area.

Repairs Can Be More Expensive

Regular maintenance is an important part of just about any expensive item you own. You have the oil changed in a car so that it doesn’t gunk up the engine. You have your air conditioner maintained so that it doesn’t leak all of it’s cooling fluid into the atmosphere. And you should have your pool maintained so that small repairs don’t turn into huge repairs.

A pool is a much more complex system than most people realize. (Though you might get some understanding of just how complex it is if you watched us tackle your pool design and installation.) There’s the body of the pool, the filter system, the pumps, and the heating systems. There’s also the complexity of any specific swimming pool water features you might have us install, such as scuppers, fountains, water bowls, waterfall, splash pads, bubblers, slides, or even lazy rivers. All of these require regular maintenance, because something can go wrong with each.

Don’t put off pool maintenance. A noisy pool pump can mean that something is about to go wrong, and replacing a small part can prevent expensive repairs around the corner. Clogged filters can prevent the filter system from working, which could allow pathogens to stick around and force the drainage of the entire pool.

Repairs Can Keep You Out of the Pool

Why do you have a pool? You don’t have weekly pool cleaning done just so that you can sit by the poolside and look at it. You have a pool because you want to use it!

When you have regular pool service done — including preventive pool maintenance — it means that your pool is much less likely to be out of commission anytime soon. If you have a Hipp Pool technician stop regularly to find minor issues and fix them, then the break never occurs and you get to keep on using your pool without interruptions. But if a small problem gets bigger, it could shut down access entirely. And while we probably have the part in stock, there’s always the chance that you’ll have to wait on it and avoid the pool the entire time.

Maintenance Can Prevent Blooms and Bacteria

We recently told you about a few of the invisible reasons you want to have your pool cleaned on a regular basis. Algae blooms can cause green slime to show up in your pool, and bacteria can make people sick if it gets up their nose.

A pool that isn’t working properly could make these problems even worse. For instance, if you don’t have pool maintenance performed and the filters stop working, your pool could become a disgusting place very quickly. Having regular maintenance performed can fix these problems before they start.

Get Regular Pool Maintenance Performed

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so make sure to have regular pool maintenance performed. Contact Hipp Pools to get on our schedule!