Now that you’ve had your custom pool installed by Hipp Pools, you’re probably pretty happy. After all, you’ve spent so much time planning your pool and waiting for it to be constructed, and now you really get to enjoy it!

Of course, owning a pool isn’t just about having it installed. Pool maintenance, in the form of cleaning and equipment upkeep, is a vitally important part of owning a pool. So once the pool is in, who should take care of your pool service? Should it be the company that installed your pool, or should you go with a dedicated pool cleaning company?

Good news! Hipp Pools is a dedicated pool cleaning company! So why should you hire your pool builders to handle your pool maintenance? Keep reading to find out!

We Know Your Pool

Who knows your pool better than we do? After all, if we worked on your pool design and built it, we know the inner workings better than anyone else. If something isn’t working right, we have the blueprints that can help us pinpoint the problem. We already know the equipment that’s been installed, so we’re familiar with how it works and how it relates to pool maintenance. 

We Have The Figures

One of the most important parts of pool cleaning is knowing just how much water is in your system. Knowing the amount of water a pool can hold — as well as any that’s going through pool water features such as water bowls, scuppers, and waterfalls — is an important part of knowing how much pool cleaner to use. 

If Hipp Pools was your pool builder, then we were the ones who decided how much water you were going to use! We also filled and treated your pool for the first time, so we know exactly what it takes to keep the chemicals in your pool perfectly balanced. 

We Have The Replacement Parts On Hand

Again, who knows your pool better than those who built it? It’s important to remember that a pool is so much more than just the bowl in the ground, and it goes beyond the water features as well. Upkeep is needed on electrical components, lighting, pumps, heaters, monitors, and more in order to deliver the perfect pool experience. 

Over time, all of these components can need repair and replacement. When you work with the original builders of the pool, they’re the ones most likely to have the know-how to work on anything that needs repaired while also having the parts on hand to keep your pool running. Furthermore, we’re a warranty station for all the equipment that we use at our builds, so if anything goes wrong we handle it under warranty.

We Want To Take Care of Our Handiwork

We’ve installed a lot of pools in The Woodlands, Spring, and Houston areas since we started Hipp Pools in 2003. Because we often handle the pool design as well, each pool we install is special to us. We put a lot of hard work into every pool, and we want to see them properly maintained so that they stay up and running — and get as much use — as possible. 

In other words, we want to maintain your pool because we’re proud of it. We’re happy to attach our name to the pool itself and the regular upkeep of it.

We Think The Choice Is Clear

If you’ve had a pool installed by Hipp Pools, why not stick with us to make sure you’re getting the pool cleaning and maintenance that’s best for your pool? No company knows your pool better than us, and we’re dedicated to keeping it up and running with weekly pool service. Just fill out the form on this page and we’ll get you on our schedule, or you can simply schedule your pool cleaning with us once your new pool in Houston is up and running. We look forward to giving you the best pool service around!