In a previous blog, we discussed why regular swimming pool maintenance is so important and how it can prevent future costly repairs. In this blog, we’ll discuss how you’ll know when you need to consider hiring a pool repair company. It is always better to catch and repair small problems as they arise rather than allowing them to turn into larger, more costly repairs later. 

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Your Pool Is Leaking

If you notice that you repeatedly need to add water to your pool, a little more often than normal, then you may have a leak. You do not want to allow a small leak to turn into a larger problem down the road.

The cost of adding extra water to your pool will turn into the least of your problems if the leaking pool isn’t fixed. The water that’s leaking out goes into the ground and creates pockets underneath your pool, and it can also leak out into the surrounding yard and ruin your landscaping. 

If pockets are created from the leaking water, the ground underneath your pool will no longer be a solid form of support and this can cause cracking. Once the pool has cracks, the water leaks quicker, and the ground underneath gives out more. The crack can become larger and other cracks can appear. A small swimming pool leak can create a very big, extremely expensive problem quickly.

When leaks are caught early enough, a swimming pool repair company can come out and seal the leak, preventing any other problems from arising. If you think you may have a leak in your swimming pool, contact your Houston pool repair company, Hipp Pools Inc., now to have it evaluated. 

You Have Excessive Dirt, Debris, Or Algae

If you notice excessive dirt or debris in your pool or algae has begun to grow, it might be time to call a pool repair company. When your pool pump is not working properly it can cause your pool to get dirty quickly. 

If you are cleaning your pool regularly and you’re experiencing debris, dirt, or algae in your pool, it’s best to contact your local pool repair company because this could also be a sign of the pipes leading to your pool not working properly. A swimming pool repair contractor can come to your home, evaluate the cause, and make any repairs necessary to the pump or pipes. 

If you are experiencing algae growth, it could be a sign that your pool needs to be resurfaced. Your pool repair company will be able to steer you in the direction of the repair that’s appropriate.

You Have Cracks In Your Pool

If you have a crack in your pool, it is most likely that your pool has a leak, whether you have noticed a decreased water level or not. We’ve discussed how quickly a small leak can turn into a much larger, more costly issue, so if you notice a crack in your pool, it’s time to have a pool repair company come take a look. 

Even if you haven’t noticed a leak, if you have a crack in your pool, it’s just a matter of time before you do. This is another example of how taking the time to repair a small problem now will save you money, time, and frustration in the future.

There Are Stains, Discoloration, Or Wrinkles In Your Liner

Over time, liners can become stained and discolored or develop wrinkles. This is a normal wear and tear problem that occurs in most pools, but that doesn’t make it any less important to fix. Your pool’s liner is being constantly exposed to water, and even though it’s made for it, water still breaks down most materials over time. 

Stains and discoloration can also be algae growth or be a reaction from the pool chemicals. Try wiping the stain up first, but if it doesn’t clean up or the stains come back, it’s important to get your pool repair contractor involved.

If you’ve noticed wrinkles in your pool liner, these could be occurring because your liner is old or wasn’t installed properly. Wrinkles can also occur if water is pooling underneath the liner. Either way, you’ll want to have this repaired immediately.

Stains, discoloration, and wrinkles can be fixed in a couple of different ways. The pool repair contractor may suggest resurfacing your pool or possibly replacing your liner depending on its age and condition.

Your Pool Will Not Stay At A Constant Temperature

This only applies to pools that have temperature control. If you notice that you have the pool heater running but the pool won’t get warm, then your heater may need to be repaired or replaced. 

A faulty pool heater can cost you a good deal of money if you don’t address it right away. If the heater isn’t working at maximum capacity, it will just keep running and running as it tries to bring your pool water up the temperature on the thermostat. This can quickly run up your energy bill. 

You Have Cracks In Your Tiles Or Grout Corrosion

If you have a tiled pool, you’ll need to keep an eye on your tiles and grout. Over time, tiles can crack and fade and grout can become discolored or loose. These are problems that you want to address immediately, as they could lead to a potentially more serious problem.

A pool repair contractor will know if the tile cracks or grout corrosion is caused from just normal wear and tear or if there may be a larger problem. Most of the time, older pool tiles can be resurfaced and regrouted to make your pool like-new again. 

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