After we work as the custom pool designer and installers for our customers in Spring, Houston, and The Woodlands, most of them have us handle their pool service and maintenance as well. After all, if they trust us to do their swimming pool installation, it makes sense that they’d let us take care of the maintenance too.

As with most jobs, pool cleaning is much more involved than most people imagine. While they might know about the physical removal of some objects and the chemical treatment of the water, they don’t think about the process of pool service much. And thanks to the pool cleaning companies like Hipp Pools provides, they don’t have to think about it much! All they have to do is enjoy their nice, clean pool. Here’s what we’re taking out of the pool so that our customers can jump in any time they want.

What You Can See

First of all, let’s start with what you can see that’s causing a pool to look dirty. This is the stuff that floats on the surface or that you can see swirling around at the bottom.

Leaves, Twigs, and Grass

Some of the easiest-to-see contaminants in a pool comes from the surrounding yard. Leaves blow in, twigs snap off trees, and grass gets blown in from the most recent mowing. We skim the stuff off the surface so that none of it ends up on you when you’re taking a swim.

Stuff On The Bottom

Unless you have a pool house so that people can wash off before they get in the pool, it’s likely that people are jumping into the pool with whatever’s on their body at the time. This means that loose hairs come off, hair ties come out, and grass on the feet all sink to the bottom. Tiny rocks can also end up in the pool, as well as loose threads from swimsuits. We’ll get out the vacuum and make sure that whatever’s down there doesn’t stay down there.

What Collects In The Filters

All the stuff we just mentioned ends up in the filters eventually. Leaves and twigs, dirt, grime, textiles, and hair all end up in the filter and need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. This not only keeps the pool cleaner but also makes the entire cleaning process more efficient.

Algae Blooms

Algae spores usually blow in on air currents, and there’s pretty much nothing you can do to keep them out of your pool entirely. When conditions are just right, green algae can appear in less than a day and make you call for immediate pool cleaning.


Sloped patio into a pool with brick accents, rock waterfall, and trees - Hipp PoolsWhat You Can’t See

Getting rid of what you can see in a pool is nice, but removing what you can’t see is just as important to your health. Here’s what weekly pool service is helping with.


As we mentioned, algae can blow in on the wind and take up residence in your pool. While a few spores might not hurt you, they can reproduce very quickly and cause an algae bloom. Of course, the longer you leave them, the more likely the conditions will be right for them to take over your pool. Getting pool service — such as weekly pool cleaning — makes it less likely you’ll wake up to a green mess in your backyard.


Bacteria love water, and the warm weather here in Texas makes it even more likely that they’ll survive until they can find a human host. Pool chemicals kill these bacteria before they can get into someone’s mucous membranes — eyes, nose, or throat — and cause sickness.

Skin cells

Most of us just like to ignore the fact that the stuff on people’s skin comes off in a pool. And while you can’t see it, it’s most certainly there. Our vacuums and skimmers can get rid of a lot of that, and cleaning the filters makes sure it doesn’t end up back in the pool anytime soon.

Ready For The Best Pool Cleaners Around?

Hipp Pools isn’t just about creating luxury custom pools and outdoor spaces; we’re also all about keeping those water features healthy for everyone who wants to make use of them. If you want reliable pool service on a regular schedule, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to learn more!