Building a custom pool is a big decision, one that requires a lot of research and ultimately a large investment. At Hipp Pools, Inc., we understand the commitment you make when you decide to incorporate a swimming pool into your backyard, and that’s why we’re dedicated to making the pool construction process as seamless as possible. As a bonus, Hipp Pools offers an eight-week complimentary pool cleaning and maintenance package for our customers after completion of pool construction.


We meet with you to find out what you are looking for and answer all of the questions you may have. We will discuss the details and ideas you have for your outdoor space, then walk you through the process from beginning to end to better understand what to expect.


After our initial consultation, our professional pool designers take your ideas and prepare a drawing of your property, showing you the exact location and layout of your swimming pool and any water features you might be interested in.


This step starts by staking out the area for your new pool, based on the agreed design. As soon as you approve the layout, we will begin digging. One of our expert contractors will use the latest equipment to excavate your pool and get it ready for the rest of the construction.

Steel Reinforcement

Steel reinforcing will be put on a box-style on the sides and bottom of your swimming pool, all connecting to the box beam band on the top. This will add life to your pool.


The plumbing is designed to take advantage of the most efficient equipment on the market today in an effort to keep your pool sparkling clean and purified.


The last step in the construction of your swimming pool is the application of the plaster which is a hand-troweled, waterproof finish.


We use a special mix of Gunite applied under high pressure to bind tightly around the steel. These results will give your pool ultimate strength.


We use only a certified, licensed electrician to wire the main electrical service to your pool equipment.

Pool School

After your swimming pool is filled with water, we will stop by and teach you about the operation and care of your pool and the installed equipment.


Now that your pool is done, it is time for you, your family, and friends to sit back and enjoy!


Steel Reinforcement


Tile and Coping