Swimming Pool Water Features In Spring, Houston, & The Woodlands

Water features can bring a whole new dimension to your custom pool. From something like simple scuppers to more extravagant feature like lazy rivers and natural waterfalls, the concept of moving water attracts attention and gets people talking. By incorporating water features into your poolscape, you’ll not only add an artistic element, but more depth and character as well. The professional pool designers at Hipp Pools can make it happen.


Waterfalls make a classic addition to any pool style and are always popular with children. Our custom-designed pool waterfalls offer endless options — from natural rock waterfalls to flagstone waterfalls and spa spillovers. It’s a swimming pool water feature that everyone will enjoy!

Fire & Water Bowls

Incorporating fire and water bowls are a great way to add ambiance to any poolscape. Relax to sounds of soothing water during the day, and enjoy the gorgeous light show at night. Our pool designers can make it happen!


Scuppers are a great way to add ambiance to your pool. Scuppers come in all shapes and sizes and disperse water into the pool from a hole, slit, or sometimes in the shape of a bowl. Incorporating LED lighting into you custom swimming pool makes scuppers beautiful focal points at night.

Swim-up Bars

Swim-up bars are a great way to bring the fun of having a cocktail or food served to you in the pool, because if you don’t have to get out, why would you? These areas of your custom pool feature built-in bar stools made of stone, tile, or precast finishes and a bar that can be adorned in glass tile or beads. The options are endless!

Beach Entry

Beach-Entry pools, also called zero-entry pools, are designed with an entry that gradually slopes from the deck into the water to give the look and feel of a natural beach. No stairs or ladders are necessary to get in.

Lazy Rivers

Wouldn’t you love to lie on a raft and float around a lazy river in the privacy of your own backyard? Hipp Pools can help make that dream a reality. Our custom pool installers can build a lazy river with waterfalls and currents to create the perfect backyard escape.

LED Lighting

The use of LED lighting in your backyard poolscape adds a whole new dimension to the look you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re incorporating LED accent lighting throughout the project or into custom features like rainfalls, bubblers, and steps, a little illumination goes a long way!

Splash Pads

If you are looking for a fun way to cool off, splash pads are great for kids and those who are still young at heart. Kids love to run in and out of the shooting jets and splash their friends.

Pool Slides

Gone are the days of the unattractive plastic tube slide. Our custom built pool water slides are designed to accentuate your overall pool design while offering hours of pool fun. Each water slide is crafted to fit your pool’s shape with colors and materials that complement your coping and pool deck.

Perimeter Overflows

Give your pool that extra dazzle with a perimeter overflow. This special feature used in modern pool designs allows the water to spill over all four edges of the pool and flow into a hidden catch basin, where it is then recycled back into the pool. It creates a visually stunning, almost mirror-like effect.


Bubblers are playful, gurgling fountains usually placed on steps or a tanning ledge that splash up from under the water. This swimming pool water feature creates a more unpredictable, free-form fountain that invites splashing good fun!

Sheer Descent

Sheer descents are water features that gently pour into the pool from pool or spa walls and come in configurations as various as a “sheet of glass” effect to sheets of rain-like droplets. They range in size from a few inches to several feet wide for a plethora of elegant looking applications, all providing the soothing sound of falling water!

A custom pool can create an oasis in any backyard. Hipp Pools has been serving the Houston area for years and our pool construction professionals truly know how to create a design that is everything you’ve dreamed of and more. Whether you’re looking for a spa, a large swimming pool with water features, or a lush garden pool with a beach entry — we can do it all! We know that designing a pool as well as the pool construction process can be overwhelming, so let us handle the entire process so you can focus on enjoying your new backyard! Schedule a consultation with our team today.