For some people, just having a pool is enough. After all, the pool is the main attraction, allowing homeowners to get exercise and have fun in their own backyard. If they have a basic rectangle filled with treated water, they’re perfectly happy. Unfortunately, they’ll never know the wonders of having their very own swimming pool water features.

If you’re considering a custom pool, you can get by with a basic pool design. But make sure you don’t skip the water features that can turn your backyard pool from humdrum to absolutely amazing! Here are some of the most common. 


Pool scuppers are like miniature waterfalls that are constantly returning water to the pool. You can have many scuppers all around a pool, so long as they allow water to flow out from a higher elevation. 

Scuppers provide many benefits in a pool. From an aesthetic point, they simply add interest to a pool’s look and feel. They also provide the calming sound of flowing water, and when you’re in the pool they provide a means of getting your head wet without having to put your head underwater. 

From a cleaning perspective, they keep the water agitated, which discourages many types of algae from coagulating. They also keep the water moving around so that leaves and hair can make their way to the filters faster.

Sheer Descents

Scuppers might be classy, but sheer descents are even classier!

Sheer descents are essentially works of art in waterfall form. They are designed so that they fall over walls and create a clean, clear sheet of water that shows the stone wall behind it. Trust us, it’s pretty fun to swim under one and see the water break, or have it flow around your hand as you split the face of the waterfall. If you’re looking for elegance in a pool while still getting the calming sound of flowing water, this is it!


Bubblers are another excellent way to increase movement in the pool’s water and to add a fun feature. Bubblers are often placed underwater in the most shallow parts of a pool, such as on tanning ledges or wide entry steps.

Bubblers are essentially underwater fountains, providing the constant white noise of water crashing back into the pool. They’re also a great way to have fun, because who doesn’t want to walk through them and get splashed? 

LED Lighting

Basic pool lighting is nice, but you won’t believe what LEDs can do nowadays. LEDs are able to make any look — and therefore any mood — that you’re trying to create in an outdoor environment. We’ll work to make sure the lights do exactly what you need them to do, whether you’re going for a rainforest feel or a nightclub look!

During your custom pool design, we’ll talk with you about the mood you want to set with your pool throughout the day. How much will you be using your pool at night? Will the pool be part of a much larger landscape, and how much should the lighting match that of the rest of the backyard? Just tell us what you’re trying to convey with your lighting and we’ll make it happen!

Ready To Work On Your Custom Pool?

Remember, a custom pool isn’t just about the shape and depth of a pool. It’s also about all of the extras that you can get with it, pool water features that can be calming or exciting.

Hipp Pools is ready to get you exactly what you’re looking for in your custom pool in the Houston area. We’ll design your pool so that it delivers exactly what you want in a backyard retreat, and our pool cleaners will keep it in the best shape possible. Click here to ask us questions or to get the process started!